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Money is the most important part of one’s life and time plays a crucial role in one’s life it can create problems on him at any point. As your payday comes in after a month but emergency comes any time even in the middle of the month before your next payday. But now with Payday same day you can leave a life free of any financial stress even in situation of emergency in the mid of the month. These loans are specifically designed for such circumstances and offer cash within few hours before your payday and you can repay it when you receive your paycheck.

Eligibility criteria

Payday same day is the way to getting out from the mid month crisis in a matter of hours as it offer instant cash against your next salary check but you have to meet the certain eligibility criterion before applying for it. These are as follows:

1. Borrower must be legal on age i.e. is 18 years of age and above.
2. He must be working on regular basis in a same organization for last 3 months.
3. Citizenship of UK is the most important thing because in situation of having not citizenship of United Kingdom you will not be eligible for this loan.
4. He must be living in a same residence for last 1 year.
5. He must have a bank account which is not less than 3 to 6 months old. Account should on the name of the applicant for direct transaction of the loan amount direct to his account.
6. Having the earning minimum £1000 monthly.

Having regular earning is the most prominent quality which is needed while availing such loan. Once all above mentioned criterion will be meet up cash can be your in a matter of hours by filling only a simple online application for.


If you are in dire need of cash and can’t wait until next payday than you can opt for Same day cash at the same site which let the applicant meet his any financial crisis at the very same without any further delay. No matter he has good credit or not lenders have no problem with this as instead of borrower’s excellent credit they needed the ability of repayment in him.

It doesn’t bother the applicant about his credit difficulties if he opt for its option Emergency loans which especially crafted to assist the borrowers in their emergency crisis without asking about their credibility. So those who have bad credit or facing arrears, CCJ, IVA, bankruptcy, defaults etc. can also opt for this loan and approved too as it offer cash irrespective of bad credit.